Anishinaabe Water Walk along the proposed Transcanada Energy East pipeline

Video: Treaty 3 Anishinaabe Water Walk

The Grassroots Indigenous Water Defence (GIWD) is organizing a Water Walk in Treaty 3 territory on August 3-7, 2015 to protect our water against Transcanada's proposed Energy East pipeline. We are planning the walk along the pipeline route from Eagle Lake to Shoal Lake, Ontario to draw attention to the threat this project poses to our water and mobilize people in our communities. But, we need your financial support!

TransCanada Inc. is proposing to push 1.1 million barrels of diluted bitumen (tarsands oil) from Hardisty, Alberta to St. John, New Brunswick. Converting a 40 year-old natural gas pipeline in Manitoba and northwestern Ontario, the Energy East pipeline poses serious risk to Anishinaabek Treaty 3 territory, which has 30% of Ontario‚Äôs fresh water and supplies Winnipeg with its drinking water. The rocky and hilly terrain of this region will make it especially hard to reach bitumen spills and leaks, which is exactly why we must stop Energy East. It could also generate up to 32 million tonnes of additional greenhouse gas emissions per year.

GIWD formed after we saw a need to reach Anishinaabek communities in a way that resonates with our worldview as being stewards of the land and protectors of water. Your donation will help us with the cost of food, transport, and other supplies needed for the walk. Please share this campaign widely, and follow us on FacebookAnishinaabe Water Walk.

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